Georg Koch establishes the predecessor of
Koch's Torma Kft. in Germany.


Karl Koch is now also a wholesaler,
a wholesaler of fruit and vegetables.


Karl Koch starts the processing and packaging of horseradish,
producing ready-to-use horseradish cream.


After the death of his father, Hans-Karl co-founds
the horseradish canning company Karl Koch KG.
Newly developed products take the market by storm,
becoming available in many other countries in Europe.


KOCH's Meerrettich GmbH is established, a company that will shape
the German market for a long time to come.


As a further development,
KOCH's Torma Kft. is established in Hungary
as a new plant and a sales gateway to the east.


KOCH's Brand is sold and becomes
part of the Develey Senf & Feinkost GmbH group,
but retains the sovereignty of KOCH's Brand.



KOCH's is present in 32 countries, and in 16 countries
we sell within our own group.
Nearly 3,000 people are employed at Develey,
of which 110 work at three Hungarian sites.


We can proudly call Develey one of the largest sauce manufacturers in the world,
not to mention the number one sauce supplier to McDonald's.
In addition, it is a supplier of the following major brands:
Löwensenf, Bautz'ner, Reine de Dijon, Specht.

We supply products to almost all grocery chains
in Hungary and worldwide. We are market leaders in the production of Hungarian horseradish.
We also sell seasoning sauces and dressings.


We have a quality management system
based on international quality standards,
reflected in the quality of our products.

KOCH's the world of modern sauces
presented with a very diverse
and unique product portfolio.